Empowering Individuals to Age in Comfort – Graceworks Enhanced Living

Throughout Graceworks Enhanced Living, homes are filled with love, care, and family. For many individuals served, that also means they prefer to be able to live their entire lives in their homes and have the ability to receive therapy, medical care, and even hospice support in a familiar environment.

Staying in the Family – Graceworks Enhanced Living

A core part of our mission is supporting adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities with dignity and wholeness. Our culture of faithful caring led Graceworks Enhanced Living staff to go above and beyond when a recent move increased the distance between Trent and his family. Trent had never lived alone before he joined the family […]

Enhancing Lives Every Day: The Value of Activity-based Programs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Day programs, such as those offered by Graceworks Enhanced Living, provide a place for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be active within their community and socialize with others, outside of a home environment. These coordinated programs give participants the independence and freedom to be themselves and pursue their interests, while at the same […]

Community Living Promotes Independence for Individuals with Disabilities

It can be difficult for caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to “let go” and allow them to find a more independent lifestyle. As with any change, there is always a natural fear of the unknown. Caregivers may ask themselves questions like: Will he be able to get along on his own? Will […]

What is the Value of Community Inclusion?

Everyone deserves the right to be fully included and immersed in their community and enjoy opportunities to live, learn, grow, work and socialize with others side by side. This includes older adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, who need varying levels of support with things like transportation, shopping for groceries and clothes, and finding community […]