The Spiral of Life Society honors those who support the mission and values of Graceworks Lutheran Services by including Graceworks in their estate plans.  

Life Insurance 

A life insurance policy can be written where you can designate Graceworks Lutheran Services as the beneficiary of your policy.


A bequest to Graceworks is a gift that anyone can make.  It’s a way of providing a gift to Graceworks while enabling you to keep assets or property during your lifetime.

Types of bequests:

  • General Bequest- Graceworks receives a designated dollar amount from your estate 
  • Percentage Bequest- Graceworks receives a percentage of your estate
  • Specific Bequest – real estate or stock transferred to Graceworks 
  • Contingent Bequest- your gift is contingent upon satisfying other events, such as the death of your spouse

Retirement Plan Assets 

You may gift retirement plan assets such as an Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or other “tax-qualified” plans.  A designation of a retirement plan asset could eliminate taxes that may otherwise consume a larger part of these assets. 

Please remember that individual situations dictate exact exemptions and deductions with your planned gift.  Individuals should consult with their financial advisor for specific benefits of a planned gift to Graceworks Lutheran Services.

For more information contact the Graceworks Lutheran Resource Development office at (937) 436-6888 or development@graceworks.org