In response to Jesus Christ, Graceworks Lutheran Services helps people experience dignity and wholeness in relationship with God, family and community.


Graceworks Lutheran Services will be a leader in offering services and settings that inspire and support a sense of home when people experience challenging and changing circumstances related to aging and living with disabilities.


Faithfulness to Christ

As part of the Church, Graceworks Lutheran Services performs its work in response to Jesus Christ and as an extension of his ministry.

Wholeness of Life

Recognizing and valuing the inherent worth of each individual, Graceworks Lutheran Services helps each person experience dignity and the fullest achievable level of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and vocational ability.

Equality and Justice

Graceworks Lutheran Services advocates justice, recognizes the equality of all persons when offering services and opportunities for service, and seeks to develop and balance societal resources to serve vulnerable persons who have more intense needs.

Quality of Service

Graceworks Lutheran Services strives to deliver the highest quality services possible by demonstrating competence, compassion, continuous improvement, innovation and creativity.


Graceworks Lutheran Services demonstrates honesty, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness, ensuring that actions and relationships represent a sincere and balanced expression of organizational values.

Stewardship of Resources

Graceworks Lutheran Services exercises faithful stewardship of financial resources and physical assets, and is responsible and accountable for their proper deployment in the work of ministry.