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Rebuilding Dayton Connects Us in Community

Community is more than just a word; it’s a commitment to support and uplift one another in times of need. Closing out National Volunteer Week, Graceworks employees exemplified this spirit by volunteering their time and effort on National Rebuilding Day. Our dedicated crew partnered with Rebuilding Together Dayton to make a difference in the lives of those unable to tackle home maintenance tasks themselves.

National Rebuilding Day, observed annually on the last Saturday of April, serves as a beacon of unity, rallying volunteers nationwide to rehabilitate homes and community facilities. Locally, this day is a chance to revitalize Dayton neighborhoods and foster a stronger sense of camaraderie. Through our volunteer opportunity with Rebuilding Together Dayton, we seized this occasion to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

“The seniors RTD helps don’t have the financial resources themselves to do any home repairs,” shared Jackie D’Aurora, 10-year Rebuilding Together Board member, “so these homeowners are all the more appreciative.”

The Graceworks team delved into outdoor projects at four homes, from pulling weeds to cleaning out flower beds and trimming bushes. For those unable to tend to their homes due to physical limitations or financial constraints, our efforts represented more than just yard work; they symbolized a gesture of support and care from their community.

“Bending and weeding and cleaning up the yard…that is physical work that gets more difficult as we age. Several in our group took time to visit with the homeowner, showing that this experience is not just about the work – it is about impacting the lives of the older adults.”


Each weed pulled and every shrub trimmed was a testament to our collective commitment to make a positive impact, one home at a time. But beyond the physical labor, it was the connections forged and the appreciation shared that truly encapsulated the essence of community.

It was wonderful talking with Susie and her daughter, Robin, who look after the other neighbors and provide them support. It was a beautiful day and we accomplished quite a lot in a short time.


Our participation in National Rebuilding Day reaffirmed Graceworks’ vision and core values; and our commitment to compassion, service, and community. Through our actions, we not only improved the physical spaces we touched but also nurtured a sense of belonging and solidarity among all involved.

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