December 5

The Five Rules of Re-Gifting

Re-gifting shouldn’t always be associated with the words “cheap or inconsiderate.” If you’ve ever received a gift and not known what to do with it, this could be a beneficial, money-saving option this holiday.  Money Talks News  provides the following five rules of re-gifting:

1.) Be honest with yourself
The moment you open that horrifying sweater or no-use kitchen appliance, you recognize whether you will use it or not. Trust your instinct on whether you’ll use the gift or if it could be re-gifted.

2.) Make sure re-gifting makes sense
Just re-gifting everything you don’t like is bad practice. Before tossing it aside in a pile to give someone else, make sure you could give it to someone without feeling guilty or embarrassed. Maybe your family member spent precious time in choosing this gift for you and should be considered being kept instead of risking hurt feelings. Re-gifting things that are used should never be an option and could lead to offended recipients.

3.) Label to-be re-gifted items
Every “re-gifters” worst fear is being caught in the act. Even worse: accidentally giving the gift to the original owner of the item. Anticipating disaster is simple: just make sure to label the items you plan to re-gift and list the name of original giver and who saw you open it.

4.) Find the perfect recipient
Re-gifting should not just be a free way for you to recycle an unwanted gift. You want the gift to be a good fit for the person receiving it.

5.) When in doubt, consider the alternatives
If you are questioning whether or not you should re-gift something, chances are you are better off going a different route. A few options include:

  • Returning
  • Selling
  • Donating