May 20

Students display talents to Bethany residents

Cline Talent at Bethany

Residents of Bethany Village enjoyed hearing members of the Alpha Club, Cline Elementary School in Centerville, sing the National Anthem at the beginning of a talent show on May 16, 2013.

Cline dancer-05-16-13Residents were treated to a talent show of music, dance and fun with students from Cline Elementary School in Centerville on May 16, at the Bethany Village retirement community in Centerville.

“The students look forward to this every year,” said Julie Smith, a teacher and advisor to the school’s Alpha Club, a student chapter of the Optimists Club. “They know it will make someone’s day.”

Members of the club participate in service and fundraising activities during the school year and have enjoyed performing a talent show for Bethany residents the past two years.

“They apply to be in the club because they want to help people,” said Smith. “All the kids have positive attitudes.”

Bringing children and older adults together creates a win-win situation, said Kathryn Klein, Bethany Village Life Enrichment Team Leader. “It’s beneficial for both our residents and the students. Our residents really enjoy the kids.”

After watching students play violins and guitars, sing songs, dance and act out comedy sketches, Smith said it’s a joy “to work with children who care about others.”

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