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Elsie Burkle

Elsie Burkle

Elsie Burkle, an 85 year old mother of six, has been a Gracewoks volunteer for 32 years. She started her journey with Graceworks in 1984 after the Eaton Once Around Shop opened its doors to the Preble County community. She’s always known about Graceworks because she is a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Eaton.

“I’m glad to be able to serve the Lord,” says Elsie. She feels He has blessed her and she wants to return her good fortune by giving back to the community. “Gracworks is a worthy cause,” she continues. “It’s awesome how things are handled.”

During 2015, the Once Around Shop and Emergency Food Pantry helped 5,630 clients with food, clothing and financial help. Volunteers are a big part of extending the reach of Graceworks. Graceworks volunteers provided over 90,000 hours of service to the organization. Across five service lines, that equates to nearly two million dollars of professional service.

Elsie encourages others to consider donating to Graceworks because no gift is “too small” and the money always goes where more needed. For those with extra time, volunteering is a great way to give back and Graceworks always invites interested people to sign up online at

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