Bethany Village resident wins invitational spelling bee

Spelling Bee Carol Lancaster

Carol Lancaster, center, accepts the trophy from Sister Marilyn Doerger, Spelling Moderator, and congratulations from Paula Burgstaller, a Life Enrichment Coordinator at Bethany Village.

When the pressure was on, the incontrovertible evidence was in: Bethany Village resident Carol Lancaster really knows how to spell. She spelled “incontrovertible” and then “infinitesimal” to win St. Leonard’s First Invitational Spelling Bee on May 24.

“Even though I was privileged to receive the trophy, the win belongs to our whole team, as we all worked very hard together to bring that victory home to Bethany Village!” said Lancaster.

Team members encouraged each other and practiced together for months, assisted by Life Enrichment staff Paula Burgstaller and Julia Wheeler. “We are grateful to St. Leonard’s for the opportunity to participate with them in the Spelling Bee and for the privilege of meeting so many great people there,” she said.

St. Leonard: A Franciscan Living Community in Centerville, invited local retirement communities to participate in a spelling bee. Bethany Village accepted the challenge and 11 residents of each community participated.

St. Leonard’s residents Gertrude Schaefer and Mary Bochenek finished second and third, respectively.

“Working with each resident’s inherent capabilities and giving clues and different examples of ways to remember how to spell difficult words and getting the entire St. Leonard Community, and now Bethany Village, involved had been my goal,” said Sister Marilyn Doerger of St. Leonard’s. “Also my intent was to have a Spelling Club simply to have fun with words while keeping one’s mind alert.  We seem to have accomplished both.  The excitement and self-confidence that was displayed during and after the Spelling Bee were so evident also.”

Spelling Bee participants