5 Things to Know About Aging in Place

Today’s seniors are healthier, more active and have more choices than ever before, and many are choosing to “age in place.” As it implies, aging in place refers to the decision to remain living in your own home for as long as it makes sense to your health and well-being.

And, just like all of the choices made in life, aging in place comes with its own advantages and potential downsides. Let’s take a look at some of the significant aspects older adults should think about when considering aging in place.

Aging in place allows seniors to maintain comfort and familiarity 

The most compelling reason for people wanting to age in place is to be able to enjoy the freedom and comfort of their home. For many older adults, their home is in a neighborhood where they’ve lived for many years, raised families and made lifetime friends. It can be difficult to leave all these wonderful memories behind and move to a new location.  

Technology and personal services make living at home more achievable

In the past, the fear of not being able to get in touch with long-distance friends or family members may have prevented some seniors from aging in place. But today, cell phones and tablets allow older adults to stay connected anytime, anyplace through social media, texting or video chatting

Other technological advances include medical alert and tracking systems that monitor older adults 24/7 for healthcare emergencies. High-tech home security systems keep seniors safe in their homes.

With the new industry of “concierge services,” older adults can get personal service and assistance completing tasks that may have become difficult for them as they get older. For example, older adults can arrange for assistance with daily tasks such as picking up medications from the pharmacy, cleaning their house, grocery shopping or meal delivery or even walking their dog. Thanks to technology, older adults can receive on-demand assistance with just about any task.

Remaining engaged combats isolation

One of the ever-present dangers of aging in place is the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Besides the emotional risks of loneliness, there are also serious health issues that can occur.

It’s especially important for seniors living at home to be active and engaged to prevent the risk of loneliness. Many seniors choose to start a new hobby, learn a new skill, take a course at the local community college or volunteer. Favorite volunteer activities for older adults include helping with fundraising, sorting donations, tutoring or mentoring, working in parks or libraries, and much more.

Older adults have more in-home care choices than ever

Seniors can live safely and confidently at home with health care assistance customized to their specific situation. In-home services provide older adults with many flexible options depending on the type and frequency of assistance they need. From administering medication and continuing therapy or IV services to help with personal care to fulfilling the need for non-medical support services like meal prep, errand-running and companionship, homecare providers offer a wide range of services to cater to older adults’ current and future needs.

Graceworks at Home offers choice and peace of mind

Offering non-medical, skilled nursing and therapy care services, Graceworks at Home makes it easier for older adults to live happily, live independently and age in place. And, if it becomes time for a higher level of care, those we serve can rest assured knowing supportive services are available via assisted living, skilled nursing or memory support care at Bethany Village, a continuing-care retirement community connected to Graceworks at Home.  

To learn more about Graceworks at Home, contact us today. We would be delighted to speak with you!